Sunday, 12 February 2012

Mick Turner and Jo Darvall @ Showcase Gallery at Central Institute of Technology

Participating Artists: Mick Turner and Jo Darvall

Showcase Gallery at Central Institute of Technology,
corner of Aberdeen & Beaufort St, Northbridge.

Description: An Exhibition by two friends from a creative period in a time that is now history...

To coincide with Australian instrumental group Dirty Three's upcoming Australian tour, guitarist Mick Turner's artwork will be on show with artist friend Jo Darvall in Perth at Central Institute of Technology for four days in March 2012.

This is an opportunity to see into the creative practice and inquiry of two friends who were a part of a unique time in Melbourne's fast paced underground music and art scene.

Mick Turner and Jo Darvall are former housemates from the 'St Kilda days' in the 80's.

'Beautiful, playful and colourful Turner/Darvall's art works will entertain and entrance the entomologist and music fans alike'. Thelma John Art Curator

On show will be a selection of Darvall's most interesting and ephemeral works; small sculptures and paintings from 2 years investigation and study into Western Australian themes such as: the epic journeys people undertake to create a better life for themselves and their families, leading them into the most arid and uninhabitable landscape imaginable.

Darvalls sculptures represent these people, they have taken on the form of a moth or insect incorporating detailed etchings which form the wings and little body's of the small creatures. Elaborately layered, dry, parched and wind blown by landscapes they journey in. The little 'Travellers' become reminiscent of images found in scientific treatises.

Internationally acclaimed musician and prolific artist Mick Turner will be exhibiting some of his most poetic work created to date including limited edition reproduction prints of cover art images from Dirty Three albums along with a selection of recent work. Mick has been exhibiting his visual art publicly since 2004. His art is held in private collections worldwide.

Darvall has been exhibiting since 1985 is now residing in Fremantle and teaching art at Claremont School of Art and Kidogo Art Institute.

Mick Turner will be present to meet visitors Saturday 10 March from 10.30 to 11.30am.

'The Dirty Three' perform at the Astor on Friday night.

With over 40 works on show, these works of art freeze a moment in time for a series of short-lived creatures.

Dates: 07/3/2012 to 10/3/2012.
Opening Times: Wednesday-Friday 2-5pm; Saturday 10-3pm.

For more information, contact: Jo Darvall.

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