Sunday, 22 July 2012

Genevieve Burke @ Earlywork Gallery

Event Title: I am. You are. Who is Australian?
Participating Artists: Genevieve Burke.

Earlywork Gallery,
3330 South Terrace South Fremantle WA.

Description: The question of our shared identity, of what it is to be Australian, is a national
pursuit. Prime Ministers, social commentators and the local butcher are all asking
the question; what is it - to be Australian?

Genevieve Burke, born of an Indian mother and an Irish-Italian Australian father is a
young West Australian who is fascinated by our diverse perceptions of identity. The
conflict and cohesion, the community and composition of the Australian psyche is
challenged and explored in her Art and Media Exhibition titled; I am. You are.
Who is Australian?

Upon entering the exhibition you are invited to interact in a social engagement of
colour, race and ethnicity as you contribute to A pool of skin colour. Enter the
portal through free-standing doors and experience a televisual biography of the
streets of Perth 'through the veil' as Genevieve takes you on The burqa walk.
Have you ever imagined an indigenous family or an Indian grandmother in an iconic
Australian advertisement? In Imagine the future‚ you are taken beyond the
boundaries of conventionality in popular culture to ask why not?‚ as the
possibilities of the future in advertising is explored.

I am. You are. Who is Australian? Is a bold debut for a young and emerging artist.
Genevieve Burke successfully explores an intriguing selection of artistic mediums to
challenge how we see ourselves. This exhibition also delivers an ethical and diverse
vision of being Australian and opens a portal to reveal our true potential.

Dates: 3rd August 2012 to 5th August 2012.
Opening Times: 10am-4pm.

For more information, contact: Genevieve Burke.

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