Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Loren Kronemeyer @ Free Range Gallery

Event Title: MYRIAD.
Participating Artists: Loren Kronemeyer.

Free Range Gallery,
339 Wellington St, Perth.

Description: MYRIAD is an artistic exploration of insect communication, framed by relationships of control and exchange. Artist Loren Kronemyer has spent the past year researching social insects with the aim of achieving a form of interspecies dialogue. Her experimental process has approached communication as a form of drawing, creating lines through a range of techniques from pheromone manipulation to environmental intervention. The resulting images are living drawings that transform under the shifting influence of insect and human intelligence.

Dates: 08/11/2012 to 14/11/2012.
Opening Times: friday, monday tuesday wednesday: 11am-6pm, saturday & sunday: 11am-5pm.

For more information, contact: Chris Cobilis.

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