Thursday, 1 August 2013

JUDY ROGERS @ Melody Smith Gallery

Event Title: Still.
Participating Artists: JUDY ROGERS.

Venue: Melody Smith Gallery, 69 Oats St Carlisle.

Description: As suggested by the title of the exhibition 'Still', this body
of work is a quiet and contemplative reflection on the less significant and
often overlooked moments present in everyday life. Judy Rogers is an artist
who is caught up in the details. Her disarming portraits of family and
friends and depictions of overlooked or seemingly mundane domestic subjects
are rendered with a sensitivity and stillness which seems to slow time.
Rogers' intimate figurative works, informed by classical traditions, are
imbued with an honesty and warmth rarely evident in contemporary figurative

Dates: 3 Aug 2013 to 24 Aug 2013.
Opening Times: Tues- Fri 12- 5pm.

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