Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Various Artists @ Polytechnic West Midland 6065 N Block Junction Gallery

Event Title: INTERFACE.
Participating Artists: Lyn Bindley, Hayley Campbell, Vernon Durling, Tracey
Hart, Deborah Rulph-Kafarela, Criss Sullivan.

Venue: Polytechnic West Midland 6065 N Block Junction Gallery, Corner Lloyed
steet and Eddie Barron Drive.

Description: This is Polytechnic West Midlands last Graduation show, due to
the department closing down at the end of the year. As graduating students
are very exicited and hoping to go out with a bang, we hope to see you all
there. We also have a facebook page, Polytechnic Art Graduate Exhibition

Dates: 20th November 2013 to 4th December 2013.
Opening Times: Tuesday-Friday 10am-3pm; Saturday-Sunday 11am-3pm.

For more information, contact: polytechnic west midland or facebook.

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