Friday, 29 November 2013

Various Artists @ Wild Twig Studios

Event Title: Wild Twig Opening Launch - Night of Wonders.
Participating Artists: Carol Hazel, Rachelle Walker, Carollyn
Rhodes-Thompson, Clark Robertson, Marlene Somodji, Rodney Web, Carole
Longden, Kac erdani iteao o Haze and Kent Sulzberger.

Venue: Wild Twig Studios, 10 Captains Lane, Fremantle - the cottages near
the Round House, in the Arthur Head and Bathers Beach Arts Precinct.

Description: Special INVITATION: to Art Enthusiasts of all kinds. WILD
Twig Opening - NIGHT of WONDERS

We are a new and exciting Art and Design Collective and are launching our
little Studio Collective as part of the New 'Arthur Head' and 'Bathers
Beach' Arts Precinct, in Fremantle.

We are a group of makers and creators, and dreamers of the wonderful,
weavers of the delightful, and Artists of the spectacular and the
extraordinaire, and We are opening our doors to welcome the people and
visitors of Fremantle and Perth, and invite you to come in and see what
Artists really get up to.

'Wild Twig' is a professional working, Art and Design Studio, where you get
to meet the Artists, talk with the Designers, see them hard at work, nutting
out problems, making a mess, working out how to make their ideas work and
their paint stick.

You will find 'Wild Twig' Studios, in the row of Cottages, next to the Round
House, up on the top of the hill, at the very end of High Street. We are in
number 10 Captains Lane, one of the old, original Pilots Cottages. We are
surrounded by lots of other extraordinary Artists and Creative People,
overlooking the Railway line and the City of Fremantle, with the beautiful
waters of Bathers Beach right at our doorstep.

We opened the doors of 'Wild Twig' for the first time, to take part in the
Fremantle Festival which ran for the first three weeks of October.

We invite you to our "NGHT of WONDERS" an evening of music, creative wonders
and delights, and joyous frivolity.

Please contact Wild Twig and let us know if you will be joining us for the
evening We would love to know how many people are coming

Check out the new 'Arthur Head' and 'Bathers Beach' Arts Precinct on

Dates: Wild Twig OPENING Night of Wonders - Sunday, 15 December 2pm - 9pm
Opening Times: Wild Twig Studios OPEN: Wed-Sun HRS: 11am - 5pm.

For more information, contact: Carol Hazel: 0413 432 028 or Rachelle Walker:
0415 720 148. Email:

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