Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Emma Francesca @ Boans Art Loft

Event Title: Chimera

Venue: Boans Art Loft, 16 Saunders St, East Perth

Description: Illustrator and visual storyteller Emma Francesca's practice
takes many forms from figurative painting, sculpting, animation to

The current exhibition Chimera features a whimsical realm of clay figurines
in diorama settings, layered with illustrated metaphors. Stories of altered
perceptions, archetypal figures hark back to the ancient tradition of
classical fables.

"I loved your pieces!!! They felt lyrical and magical. I did feel like I was
stepping inside a story." Jill Brown

"Beautiful work of the highest quality and originality - I love the
'quirkiness'". Roger and Gail Reading

Original artworks and prints for sale.

Dates: 29 November 2013 to 20 December 2013
Opening Times: Thurs-Fri, 4-8pm; Sat, 12-6pm or by appointment

For more information, contact: Kirsten Reiners

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