Thursday, 25 September 2014

Tibetan Buddhist Monks @ Gallery Central

Event Title: Circle of Wisdom - A Tibetan Buddhist Mandala
Participating Artists: Tibetan Buddhist Monks.

Venue: Gallery Central, 12 Aberdeen St, Perth.

Description: A unique opportunity to meet two Tibetan Buddhist monks, see
them in action and join their chanting meditation. Admission is free.

The gallery is transformed into a shrine with morning meditations led by a
chant master alongside the creation of a sacred sand mandala, created with
the purpose of giving positive energy as well as being an object of beauty.

The project invites visitors to contemplate the impermanence of life by
observing the monks spending many hours painstakingly creating an intricate
mandala with coloured sands, which is then given back to the earth.

Visitors return to observe the progress on a daily basis and participate in
the morning meditation. Opening and closing events ceremoniously mark the

Presented by the Phen Dhe Ling Tibetan Buddhist Association and supported by
the City of Perth and Lotterwest.

Dates: 11 October 2014 to 18 October 2014.
Opening Times: Opening ceremony 1:00pm Sat 11 October, closing ceremony
1:00pm Sat 18 October, morning meditations 8.30am Monday to Friday 13 - 17
October, view Monday to Friday 10-4pm

For more information, contact: 94271318.

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