Monday, 17 November 2014

Loren Kronemyer @ Light Locker Art Space, Roe Street Car Park Arcade

Event Title: Holoscenery

Venue: Light Locker Art Space, Roe Street Car Park Arcade, 120 James
Street (Roe Street Car Park Arcade), Northbridge.

Description: Holoscenery, an exhibition of new work by Loren Kronemeyer,
promotes a reassassment of our idealised and distorted visions of "nature".
Lenticular prints, transformed by cutting and rebuilt into
three-dimensional, crystalline structures, corrupt the hyper vibrant images
of the world they propagate.

Geologists use the term Holoscene to refer to our current epoch, an era
encompassing 11,700 years that has been defined by the impact of human
civilization on the planet. The title Holoscenery is portmanteau of the
words Holoscene and scenery, meaning the visual representation of landscape.
The scenery depicted herein draws from a collection of lenticular prints,
cheaply made plastic representations of idealised fantasy landscapes. They
have been cut, altered and deconstructed into new and unrecognisable forms,
providing a window into the abstract and unknown future of the way we
experience landscape.

Loren Kronemyer is an artist from Los Angeles, California. Her work focuses
on attempting to bridge the language gap between humans and other life

About the Light Locker Art Space: Foodchain's Light Locker Art Space is a
public exhibition space showcasing 2D and 3D works from local artists aged
35 and under. Through initiatives like the Light Locker Art Space, Foodchain
works to provide young emerging artists with exhibition sites and
commissions that enliven public spaces with exciting and innovative
contemporary arts programming.

You can also check out the Light Locker sister space in Grand Lane, entry
off Barrack Street or Murray Street mall, or visit for
more information about the City of Perth's Youth Projects.

Dates: 13 November 2014 to 12 March 2015.
Opening Times: 24/7.

For more information, contact: Ashleigh Whyte, Public Art Projects Officer,
City of Perth.

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