Friday, 24 April 2015

Joanna Sulkowski @ The Sky

Event Title: TRANSART: TRANSITION 2015 | Elevated Conversations .
Participating Artists: Joanna Sulkowski.

Venue: The Sky, Perth CBD.

Description: Commissioned by the City of Perth for the 2015 TRANSART:
TRANSITION project, Elevated Conversations is a series of installations by
artist Joanna Sulkowski, appearing as aerial banners flown over Perth's CBD
on five separate occasions.

The ambiguous dialogue within the work is intimate in nature, yet still
relatable to each viewer in different ways. The work can be read as highly
personal and emotional, yet it retains a sense of humour, as a play on the
grand gesture.

A viewer may just see one message, or the entirety of the narrative, or even
a random number, creating a different context of the work depending how much
is noticed and also known about the project as a whole.

A large part of Sulkowski's practise is centred on noticing the unnoticed,
and this is also a featured theme in this work. The work is unexpected,
unconventional and cryptic, prompting the audience to question the reasons
behind it, fostering the chance for discussion, both in person, and through
posting images/descriptions of the bizarre sightings on social media, or
even use the message as their own!

Elevated Conversations occurs on five consecutive Fridays (weather
permitting) Friday 17 April - Friday 15 May, 12 noon - 2pm. Best viewed
from Langley Park, Kings Park or the south facing windows of Perth's high
rise buildings.

Dates: 17 April 2015 to 15 May 2015.
Opening Times: Fridays, 12 noon - 2pm.

For more information, contact: Ashleigh Whyte, Public Art Projects Officer,
City of Perth.

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