Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Mike Bamford (australia) and Alfred Bamford (UK) @ Wanneroo Gallery

Event Title: The Artful Gene Project Activities.
Participating Artists: Mike Bamford (australia) and Alfred Bamford (UK).

Venue: Wanneroo Gallery,
Wanneroo Library & Cultural Center, 3 Rocca way, Wanneroo.

Description: Two men, two centuries, two continents: the same fascination
for art and nature. Alfred Bamford (UK) and his great-grandson Michael
Bamford (Australia):is there something in the genes?

The Artful Gene Project Exhibition will be presented in the Wanneroo Gallery
over the summer holiday period, with many activities to participate in.
There are numerous exciting activities including; a Wanneroo night Stalk (at
Lake Joondalup), visit the Artist in Residence, community mural painting of
Lake Joondalup, Science Carols, Nature Strip workshops, Open Day at the
Gallery and Gardens for Wildlife.

For more information call 9405 5920

Dates: 21 November 2015 to 13 January 2016.
Opening Times: Various.

For more information, contact: 9405 5920.

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