Thursday, 21 January 2016

Mudlark (Jilinbirri) Metals: @ Wanneroo Gallery

Event Title: Mudlark (Jilinbirri) Metals

Venue: Wanneroo Gallery,
Wanneroo Library and Cultural Centre, 3 Rocca Way, Wanneroo.

Description: Mudlark (Jilinbirri) Metals is a delicate and intricate body of
work that captures detailed woven designs and represents a traditional
Aboriginal craft in metal.

This exhibition showcases the work of the Jilinbirri Weavers in a new and
contemporary art form, and brings to life the Aboriginal artists' sense of
community and cultural heritage.

Mudlark Metals brings together the community spirit and childhood stories of
the Jilinbirri Weavers and showcases their beautiful intricate works in a
unique and contemporary art form. Mudlark Jilinbirri Metals is proudly
presented by Jilinbirri Weavers and Sarah Trant. .

Dates: 22 January 2016 to 20 February 2016.
Opening Times: Monday to Saturday - 10:00am - 4:00pm.

For more information, contact: 9405 5920.

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