Tuesday, 23 February 2016

DeeDee Noon @ Shopfront, Gallery Central, Central Institute

Event Title: TOYGETHERNESS: Telling Perth toy stories
Participating Artists: DeeDee Noon

Venue: Shopfront, Gallery Central, Central Institute,
149 Beaufort Street, Perth.

Description: ECU PhD candidate photographer DeeDee Noon is inviting
participants of all ages - including adults and young people - to be
photographed in a photo booth with their most cherished toy - big, small,
old, new, handmade, fugly or cute - during her artist-in-residency at
Central Institute from 29 February to 24 March. Portrait sessions arranged
by appointment. For technical considerations, interested people are invited
to email their contact details along with a quick selfie of them and their
special toy (image and toy quality are not important) to
gallery@central.wa.edu.au or toyphotoproject@iinet.net.au .

Dates: 29 February to 24 March
Opening Times: by appointment

For more information, contact: toyphotoproject@iinet.net.au.

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