Sunday, 29 May 2016

Jarrad Martyn @ The Butcher Shop

Event Title: Abando
Participating Artists: Jarrad Martyn

Venue: The Butcher Shop,
276 William Street Northbridge WA 6003.

Description: Abando, a solo exhibition of paintings and drawings by Jarrad
Martyn, explores the allure of abandoned sites and buildings. Encountered
through a curiosity in exploring and an interest in painting walls, Martyn
examines the human interaction in these sites after they have become
abandoned. Often explored while travelling, Abando features a range of
different sites, from an abandoned theme park in Berlin to an abandoned
entertainment complex in Bali.

The exhibition is the result of the work created during the artist residency
at The Butcher Shop. For the past two months Martyn has been occupying The
Butcher Shop studio.

Dates: Friday 12 June 2016 6pm to Monday 20 June 2016 6pm.
Opening Times: Mon-Sat, 10-6pm; Sun 11-5pm.

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