Thursday, 9 February 2017

Perth 360 - A Retrospective of Paintings 1997-2017 at City of Wanneroo Gallery

Event Title

Perth 360 - A Retrospective of Paintings 1997-2017

Participating Artists

Alan Muller

Venue Name

City of Wanneroo Gallery

Venue Address

3 Rocca Way Wanneroo Western Australia 6065


Known for his highly detailed and intricate paintings in acrylic, Alan's work depicts aspects of coastal suburban living, often in a humorous way.

The great urban expansion of Perth, the annual rubbish collection, graffiti, car burnouts and the burning of untrimmed palm trees are just some of a range of local themes.

More recent paintings of the Swan River and surrounding land as Whadjuk country, before English settlement in 1829, acknowledge Whadjuk traditional ownership and skilled land management on a vast scale. Alan is a renowned and unique artist, who will be presenting 60 paintings that have been inspired by Perth, the Swan River and its ancient history.

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Opening Times

Mon-Sat 10am-4pm; closed Sundays and public holidays

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