Thursday, 9 August 2012

Zhong Chen @ Greenhill Galleries

Event Title: 32 Strokes of Kung Fu.
Participating Artists: Zhong Chen.

Greenhill Galleries,
6 Gugeri Street Claremont WA 6010.

Description: This much-awaited exhibition of striking works by Zhong Chen is the artist's first show in Perth since 2006. In that period of time, both change and continuity are evident in Chen's paintings - whilst his brushwork has evolved to bold, expressive movements (a progression from his popular pixelated images), his work continues to explore historical and contemporary cultural identity as well as Chen's own transcultural psyche and feelings of belonging.

Dates: 09 August 2012 to 25 August 2012.
Opening Times: Tue-Fri, 10-5pm; Sat, 10-4pm.

For more information, contact: Emily Lynch.

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