Tuesday, 29 January 2013

David Collins @ Venn Gallery

Event Title: Plastic Eden.
Participating Artists: David Collins.

Venn Gallery,
16 Queen Street, Perth.

Description: Plastic Eden is a solo exhibition of new photographic works by Perth-based artist David Collins portraying a series of contemporary characters in seductive surrounds. At first glance, the intricately arranged scenes present an opulent sphere where languid beings reign, but beneath are notions exploring a darker terrain.

Collins suggests that technological advances, which aim to liberate the consumer from the hardships of the natural world, have also propelled an ecological awakening, encouraging reflection upon the environment and the damage inflicted on it. He conceives that inhabitants of urban centres often long for a nature that once was and desire an Arcadian existence beyond their realm. In these works, the artist observes that such longings are reflected in little gardens of Eden – tranquility pools in backyards, pot plants on desks, animal decoration – that are often created to allow some control and connection with nature, yet ultimately society is regularly left powerless by nature.

The exhibition explores this tenuous relationship of self-delusion and control resulting from such behaviour, with the portrait subjects acting as conquerors of their own domains; positioned as prominent in their environments, but nevertheless with their control nowhere near absolute..

Dates: 8 February 2013 to 22 March 2013.
Opening Times: Tues-Sat, 10-5pm; Fri, 10-7pm.

For more information, contact: (08) 9321 8366.

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