Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Lauren Wilhelm @ Margaret River Gallery

Event Title: ESTATE - new works by Lauren Wilhelm.
Participating Artists: Lauren Wilhelm.

Margaret River Gallery,
91 Bussell Highway , Margaret River.

Description: Margaret River Gallery Exhibition

2 –21 March 2013
exhibition opens Saturday 02 March 6-8 pm

New works by Lauren Wilhelm

Lauren Wilhelm is a Western Australian artist who has exhibited nationally, in New York and whose recent solo shows have been sold-out. Inspired by history and man's seeming inability to learn from it, Lauren's paintings offer a quirky look at hubris whilst still managing to evoke a stillness and sweet melancholia.

Her latest work is inspired by the idea of land ownership and territory. Dismayed by urban sprawl and large tracts of bushland she remembered as a child being carved up into soulless expanses of identical rooftops, Lauren explores our preoccupation with owning a slice of earth.

Dates: Saturday 02 March 2013 to Thursday 21 March 2013.
Opening Times: open daily 10 am to 5pm.

For more information, contact: margaret river gallery.

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