Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Mia Laing @ Suburban Table

Event Title: In Celebration of Domestic Joy.
Participating Artists: Mia Laing.

Suburban Table,
622 Stirling Highway Mosman Park 6011.

Description: After many years of pursuing a career in 'Children's Illustration', Mia initially turned to canvas painting as a means of de-stressing from the demands of the illustration field, and to try a medium that was more fluid and forgiving than pen and gouache. She knew immediately that she had found a new passion.

Mia's love of photography, of capturing light and life, helps her to freeze moments into a photograph, which she then uses to paint from. Mia enjoys many genres of oil painting, including portraiture, still life and landscape. Mia finds real joy in setting up a still life and playing around with it until she finds the perfect light and composition. She believes her still life painting's are a celebration of domestic joy… a full fruit bowl, a bunch of cheerful flowers. Her life portraits, depict children, pets and families, captured in natural, unposed moments. Her paintings are always a celebration of joy and the beauty of life.

Mia started working her art as a career just last year. In 2012, Mia entered 4 art prizes and had a win in two of these, which is a great accomplishment. Mia won the 'People's Choice Award' at the Mosman Park Art Awards in 2012, for her painting of 3 children playing on a jetty, titled "Look Before You Leap". She also won the 'Animal Art Awards' held at the Perth Art Expo in 2012. Her winning painting, "Girl's Best Friend" depicts the love of a child for her dog.

Mia writes weekly about her "Life at the end of a paintbrush" on her blog/website and Facebook art page - mymiasart.com, where you can also view her gallery.


Artwork may be viewed outside restaurant times by contacting the restaurant.

Dates: Tuesday 12th March to Saturday 20th April.
Opening Times: Dinner Tuesday to Saturday 5.30pm till 11pm.

For more information, contact: 9383 2233.

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