Friday, 8 March 2013

Various Artists @ Wesley Uniting Church in the City

Event Title: STATIONS OF THE CROSS 2013.
Participating Artists: Toby Bell, Robert Birch, Victor France, Marie Hobbs, Peggy Lyon, Anne McCaughey, Brian McKay, Peter Saxon, Annette Seeman, Cathy Swioklo, John Teschendorff, Natalia Triviño Lozano, Jane Whiteley, Lauren Wilhelm and Andrea Vinkovic. Curated by Catherine Czerw.

Wesley Uniting Church in the City,
Corner of Hay and William Streets, Perth.

Description: Perth‚s annual Stations of the Cross exhibition is returning to Wesley Uniting Church in the City this Easter. This unique Western Australian event features newly created artworks, specially commissioned for the show. This year's exhibition includes such eminent artists as Brian McKay alongside some of the strongest visual art talents currently at work in Western Australia's visual art scene.

Every year 15 artists are invited to respond to the traditional Easter story known as the 'Stations of the Cross'. The challenge put to each artist is to draw on their own personal understanding of the meaning of Easter and share their thoughts and idea in a newly created artwork. The result is a unique and often powerful exhibition comprised of a fascinating collection of visual interpretations that tackle some of the most complex aspects of the human condition; namely the journey of life and death that lie at the heart of Easter.

Dates: 23 March 2013 to 1 April 2013.
Opening Times: Daily 9-5pm.

For more information, contact: Catherine Czerw.

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