Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Various Artists @ Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery

Event Title: ANIMAL Group Exhibition.
Participating Artists: Saschka, David Maisano, Mark Welsh, Xavier Turisini, Zuhal Kuvan-Mills, A. Homer, Annette Orr, Luke Hartley, Glenn Jon Langdale.

Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery,
46 Henry St Fremantle.

Description: This April, The Moores Contemporary Art Gallery will expose an anthropomorphic spectacle of animal behaviour.

A giant bird cage, farmed humans, surreal figures, dead moths, nudity and other beastly creations flock together as nine Fremantle artists explore the relationship between humankind and the animal kingdom, indulging their primitive perspectives.

Utilising paint, photography, sculpture and installation works, Mark Welsh, David Maisano, Saschka, Zuhal Kuvan-Mills, Xavier Turisini, A. Homer, Glenn Jon Langdale, Annette Orr and Luke Hartley come together to experiment on the essence of instinct through uninhibited expression.

Those brave enough to come on opening night can expect some wild surprises!

Dates: 6pm Friday 5th April 2013 to 18th April 2013.
Opening Times: Mon-Sun 10am to 4pm.

For more information, contact: Saschka.

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