Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Jennie Feyen @ Noodle Palace

Event Title: Mieru (I Can See)

Participating Artists: Jennie Feyen

Venue:  Noodle Palace, Piccadilly Cinema, 700 Hay Street, Perth, Western Australia

Description: ‘Mieru’ is a video installation that consists of a wall lined with recycled toy stuffing, soft colour projections and the sound of the Crystal Armonica, a very rare instrument that was invented by Benjamin Franklin. The installation will be exhibited at Noodle Palace.

The concept for Mieru was inspired by an experience my music teacher, Chiho Kagawa, had when she performed this instrument in Kobe, Japan.  She was approached by members of the audience who said that their children, who are blind, claimed they could see colours when listening to the instrument.

Dates: 05/02/14 to 16/02/14

Opening Times: Wed-Sun, 6pm-12 midnight

For more information, contact: Jennie Feyen

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