Thursday, 13 February 2014

Sturt Jasher @ The York Mill Gallery

Event Title: Land

Participating Artists: Sturt Jasher.

Venue: The York Mill Gallery, 10 Henrietta Street, York,  Western Australia, 6302.

Description: The York Mill Gallery is located in the beautiful country town of York 97 km from Perth. The town along with the York Mill holds a wealth of history stretching back to the eighteenth century.

Entitled 'Land', this exhibition is a compilation of photography from various rural locations primarily in Western Australia. Sturt Jasher has been exploring photography as an artform for a number of years and has previously exhibited his artwork in the Perth region. This York Mill Exhibition is bringing Sturt's appreciation of nature vividly to life in both colour and monochrome imagery.

Dates: 05/03/2014 to 30/03/2014.

Opening Times: Wed-Sun, 10 AM - 4 PM.

For more information, contact: (08) 9641 2900.

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