Sunday, 18 May 2014

Andrea Carew-Reid @ Tu

Event Title: Coexist.
Participating Artists: Andrea Carew-Reid.

Venue: Tu, 218A William Street Northbridge (Next door to the Mechanics

Description: "How we treat the vulnerable is how we define ourselves as a

'Coexist' is a debut solo exhibition by local West Australian Artist Andrea
Carew-Reid. Coexist will showcase a range of original framed pieces.
Andrea's work can be described as a fusion of painting an illustration, with
extensive detail, eclectic patterns and vibrant colours.

"This series of work highlights my love for animals and my support for
animal rights. Subject matter is playful with a frequent merging of
characteristics from animal and human life, as I like to think we are not
all that different. Coexist is a celebration of life for all of Earths
creatures and is driven from a belief that we should cohabit our planet in

Drop by for opening night, starting at 6.30pm, drinks and canapé's included,
or stop in another day and check out Tu's quirky store, café and gallery.
Tu is open 7 days

For images of Andreas work visit her website- or follow
her on instagram @reidandcrew.

Dates: 23 May 2014 to 31 May 2014.
Opening Times: Mon- Thurs: 7.30-6pm Fri: 7.30-7pm Sat and Sun: 9-5 pm.

For more information, contact: Andrea on 0422819389 or Tu Store on 08 9227
7628 .

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