Friday, 16 May 2014

Andy Quilty @ Linton and Kay Galleries Perth city gallery

Event Title: DILLIGAF
Participating Artists: Andy Quilty.

Venue: Linton and Kay Galleries Perth city gallery, Linton & Kay Galleries,
Perth City The Old Perth Technical School, Level 1/137 St Georges Terrace,

Description: In DILLIGAF Andy Quilty explores notions surrounding hyper
masculine suburban experience. Growing up in the southern Perth suburb of
Rockingham, Quilty spent a decade working as a labourer in the surfboard
manufacturing industry. In this new body of work he utilises motorbike
burnouts, industrial resin, auto enamel, spray paint and ballpoint pen as
tools for art making - a direct physical reference to the industrial
suburban experience of the artist's social and working past.

Dates: 20/05/2014 to 03/06/2014.
Opening Times: Mon-Sat 10-5pm, Sun 11-4pm.

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