Saturday, 12 July 2014

Miles Carpenter @ Round Room Gallery

Event Title: Nobles.
Participating Artists: Miles Carpenter.

Venue: Round Room Gallery,
CNR Rockingham Rd and Carrington St, Cockburn.

Description: Miles Carpenter's new body of work continues to explore relationships between pattern and image.

His new series of ornate ceramic animal busts and highly patterned animal portraits are the product of a year and a half's work following his captivating show "Wolf Skin".
"Nature needs to be preserved and celebrated. I don't think we can be reminded enough that the way we treat the environment is affecting all living things one way or another. The willful ignorance has to stop". Carpenter explains

Carpenter's sculptural works depict a stable of spectacular horned animals as worshiped deities. His paintings portray the noble beasts and their innate dignity whilst depicting the destruction of their habitat and the imposition of the human environment, represented through pattern.

His minimal and contrasting palette creates a strong connection throughout the series. Contrasting colour energizes the otherwise tranquil paintings, illustrating the divergence between human and natural environments.

Dates: 25th July 2014 to 28th July 2014
Opening Times: Sat - Mon, 10- 6pm

For more information, contact: Miles Carpenter.

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