Thursday, 14 May 2015

Karen Jackson 'Wolf Takes Fox Studio' @ Wild Twig Studios

Event Title: Beasts of War: Animals in WWI.
Participating Artists: Karen Jackson 'Wolf Takes Fox Studio'.

Venue: Wild Twig Studios, 10 Captains Lane, Bathers Beach Art Precinct,

Description: Fremantle Heritage Festival Artist Showcase Beasts of Battle:
Animals in WWI

Karen Jackson of 'Wolf Takes Fox' Studio and Wild Twig Studios

For Australians, the ANZAC legend, Duffy - Simpson's donkey - is probably
the most famous of the many horses, mules and donkeys used for transporting
supplies and wounded men. Of course, there were many other types of animals
and birds used during that conflict.

Inspired by the centenary of the Anzac landing, this art will acknowledge
some of the roles played by the different animals during WW1.

With both words and pictures, this project will look at how both sides
'depended on the efforts and skills of animals for transport, logistics,
communications and, at times, solace.'*

Ref: *Matthew Shaw ANIMALS AND WAR
British Library website

Meet the Artist at the Bathers Beach Art Precinct Open Day 11am - 7pm Sun 17

Wild Twig Studios
10 Captains Lane
Bathers Beach Art Precinct

Price: FREE

Booking info: No RSVP necessary.

Dates: 17 May 2015 to 17 May 2015.
Opening Times: 11am - 7pm.

For more information, contact: Karen Jackson: 0437 777 458 Email: .

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