Monday, 11 May 2015

Kirsten Sivyer @ Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery

Event Title: Persistence of Vision.
Participating Artists: Kirsten Sivyer.

Venue: Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery, 46 Henry St, Fremantle WA.

Description: Exhibition opens 22nd May at 6pm

'Inspired by a fascination for Fremantle's heritage architecture,
'Persistence of Vision' seeks to uncover and re-vision both historical and
'conjectured' narratives hidden within these buildings.

Using a combination of media and techniques Kirsten simulates the actions of
erosion and reconstruction over time as she submits her photographs to a
process akin to 'restoration' - sanding, revealing hidden layers through
"reductive drawing", scratching through photographic ink and applying paint
- adding new information and personal meaning.'

An excerp from the exhibition essay by Dr Michelle Frantom.

Dates: 23 May 2015 to 1st June 2015.
Opening Times: 10-4 daily.

For more information, contact: Kirsten Sivyer on 0432 839 779.

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