Saturday, 9 September 2017

FW: Cultural Celebration Day at Midland Junction Arts Centre


Event Title

Cultural Celebration Day

Participating Artists

Clare Arni, Kasirajan Subbaiah, Steven Aiton, Daevid Anderson, Daniela Dlugocz, Ross Potter, Alastair Taylor, Angela Stewart and Linda van der Merwe

Venue Name

Midland Junction Arts Centre

Venue Address

276 Great Eastern Highway Midland Western Australia 6056


A Cultural Celebration Day will be held at the newly reactivated Midland Junction Arts Centre (MJAC) on Sunday 10 September. The public are welcome to attend the festivities which will run from 2pm to 4pm. This event marks a month of international art collaboration and cultural diversity in Midland, with several events running as part of the Habits of Horses community project to provide local artists and community member's opportunities to connect with artists from around the world.

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