Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Behind the Lines @ Wanneroo Gallery

Event Title: Behind The Lines 2014.
Participating Artists: 33 Cartoonists

Venue: Wanneroo Gallery, Wanneroo Library & Cultural Center, 3 Rocca way,

Description: Highly anticipated and scorchingly honest, Behind the Lines
celebrates the best political cartoons of 2014.

The 33 cartoonists who feature wryly comment on Tony Abbott's first year in
government. They see the Coalition attempting to deliver strong and stable
leadership, as well as fulfilling their election promises to stop the boats,
axe the tax, fix the budget and reduce red tape. Meanwhile, a restless
Australian Labor Party waits for its Leader to ditch the past, move forward
and say something. Behind the Lines 2014 exemplifies our vision to celebrate
the spirit of Australian democracy, and the power of individual voices.

Dates: 4 September 2015 to 3 October 2015.
Opening Times: Monday - Saturday, 10:00am - 4:00pm; Closed Sunday.

For more information, contact: 9405 5914.

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