Monday, 17 August 2015

Consuelo Cavaniglia @ Perth Institute of Contemporary Art

Event Title: Consuelo Cavaniglia: in the distance a pool of light was not
what it seemed.
Participating Artists: Consuelo Cavaniglia.

Venue: Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth Cultural Centre, 51 James
St, Northbridge.

Description: In the distance a pool of light was not what it seemed is an
exhibition of new work created for PICA's West End Gallery. Extending her
drawing practice into three-dimensional forms, Sydney-based West Australian
artist Consuelo Cavaniglia takes her latest works to a new scale, creating a
landscape of pavilions for visitors to move through and around.

The artist ruptures and folds reflective surfaces, colour fields and
airbrushed edges to create illusions of depth. Cavaniglia combines drawings,
mirrors and structures to construct disorienting interiors with cinematic
undertones, offering up new perceptual situations within space, time and

Dates: 28 August 2015 to 18 October 2015.
Opening Times: Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-5pm.

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