Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Ozquilt Network Inc Members @ Wanneroo Gallery

Event Title: Australia Wide 4
Participating Artists: Ozquilt Network Inc Members.

Venue: Wanneroo Gallery, Wanneroo Library & Cultural Center, 3 Rocca way,

Description: The latest travelling exhibition by Australia's national
organization for art quilters, Ozquilt Network Inc. is touring Australia.

Ozquilt Network President, Margery Goodall said this is the fourth, biennial
travelling exhibition this prolific group has created.

"The 37 stitched, layered works, which are 40cm x 40cm, showcase original
and diverse interpretations of contemporary textile art from Australia's
leading and emerging quilt artists," she said. "A professionally selected
exhibition of members' work, Australia Wide Four will excite viewers with
the infinite possibilities of 'the quilt' in art.

Dates: 07 September 2015 to 03 October 2015.
Opening Times: Monday - Saturday, 10 - 4; Closed Sunday.

For more information, contact: 9405 5920.

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